IoT.Keystone Innovator Board

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The IoT.Keystone Innovator Board is a convenient platform for IoT innovators to quickly test, prototype and deploy advanced IoT projects using our IoT.Keystone technology.

  • A host of on-board sensors.
  • 6LoWPAN and/or LoRaWAN to securely move sensor data wirelessly to popular cloud platforms.
  • Ultra-low-power design for battery operation.
  • Built-in LiPo battery charger and JST connector.
  • Comes with 350 mA LiPo battery for months or years of operation depending on configuration.
  • USB board-connector for quick charging, diagnostic access, firmware updating and configuration.
  • BLE port for mobile device communication, easy provisioning, and development of beacon location and awareness projects.

The open source firmware project for the IoT.Keystone Innovator Board is hosted on GitHub.

The product is available with the RF front-end tuned for 868 or 915 MHz frequency bands.  Make sure to select the correct frequency for your intended use area.  See this informative page to determine which countries require which frequency band.

The product comes in multiple Cloud variants:

  • Choose the GENERIC variant, which is open and allows you to build, load and run the open source firmware for the application of your choice.  The open source firmware supports cloud target configurations using available protocol stacks.
  • Choose the AZURE variant, which comes pre-loaded with Certified for Azure IoT firmware and requires easy console-based configuration to get it securely connected to your Azure IoT hub instance.  See this User Guide.

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