IoT Edge Serial Node

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Connect your product, process, machine, industrial network or sensor to the cloud with the IoT Edge Serial Node. 

The IoT Edge Serial Node connects your product's serial interface to the cloud, transporting any data received on its serial port to and from MQTT messages formatted for your cloud service.

Serial data can be human readable commands such as AT command strings, GPS NEMA sentences, or any other arbitrary string.

Serial data can also be MODBUS RTU.  Serial data frame termination is configurable to support MODBUS protocol-mandated timeouts, CR, LF or any other byte/character or condition.

Send commands to your serial device from your cloud service with low end-to-end latency.

Supported cloud services include:

  • AWS IoT
  • Azure IoT
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Watson IoT
  • Losant
  • Ubidots
  • myDevices
  • Tago

Essentially, the IoT Edge Node connects your serial-interface-based product to any cloud service destination that hosts an MQTT broker.  You can send commands to the serial port from your cloud platform.

The IoT Edge Node communicates wirelessly using IoT-Fi technology, designed for Internet of Things applications.  IoT-Fi is longer range, lower power and has better obstacle penetration than WiFi.  IoT-Fi works in the sub-GHz ISM frequency band which is far less congested than the 2.4 GHz band used for WiFi and Bluetooth.

An IoT-Fi network must be established with at least one IoT Edge Gateway.  The IoT Edge Node automatically associates and self-forms an optimal mesh network with as many IoT Edge Gateways and other IoT Edge Nodes as necessary to achieve optimal communication reliability and uptime.  The IoT Edge node includes ample buffering in-case of temporary wireless interference.

The IoT Edge Node is powered by any 3 - 12 V source.  It is based on microcontroller technology to offer the lowest possible power consumption while maintaining a live and responsive link to your cloud.

Installation is simple.  A micro-USB port allows you to connect a tablet or PC to enter the MQTT client ID, user name and password appropriate for your cloud provider's MQTT broker, along with broker address.  Our forth-coming mobile app will automate this provisioning for popular cloud platforms.  

The 4-wire terminal block accepts (RS-232) RX, TX and PWR, GND.

The product is available with the RF front-end tuned for 868 or 915 MHz frequency bands.  Make sure to select the correct frequency for your intended use area and matches your IoT Edge Gateway.  See this informative page to determine which countries require which frequency band.

We also offer starter kits containing an IoT Edge Gateway with several IoT Edge Nodes.