IoT Edge Gateway

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The IoT Edge Gateway extends the Internet to IoT's edge through wireless IoT-Fi technology.  

The IoT Edge Gateway implements IoT-Fi - better than WiFi - longer range, lower power and better obstacle penetration.  

IoT-Fi works in places WiFi won't - like concrete parking garages, warehouses, construction yards and smart cities (to name a few). 

IoT-Fi is designed for low to medium bandwidth and low latency IoT data, command and control applications.

The IoT Edge Gateway can support 100's of Edge Nodes or more - depending on amount of traffic in the system.

The IoT Edge Gateway requires no configuration.  The units can be deployed wherever coverage is required and self-forms a redundant IP-capable mesh network with compatible IoT Edge Nodes.  

The IoT Edge gateways do not inspect nor have access to sensitive and potentially secure IP payload data from the IoT Edge Nodes.  No keys nor certificates are stored on the gateways.  The gateways do not register with the cloud service and simply act as intelligent packet forwarders and wireless network maintainers.

The IoT Edge Gateway is available with Ethernet or LTE-M infrastructure connectivity.

The Ethernet model will obtain an IPv4 address from a local DHCP server.

The LTE-M model supports e-SIM technology and will require a data subscription with an LTE-M provider.

IoT-Fi offers one of the first end-to-end wireless IoT network systems on the market today.

IoT-Fi is based on open standards and an open source stack.

The product is available with the RF front-end tuned for 868 or 915 MHz frequency bands.  Make sure to select the correct frequency for your intended use area.  See this informative page to determine which countries require which frequency band.