About Us

IoT Made Easy.

We design unique and innovative IoT connectivity and sensing products you won't find anywhere else.

You have processes, machines and sensors that need to be visible in the cloud.  Our technology allows you to do this, easily and securely.

We started THIS. IS. IoT. because we feel that connecting products and things to the cloud is harder than it should be.

That's why we are developing the IoT.Keystone sensor platform to make it easy to connect sensors, machines and processes wirelessly and securely to the cloud.

IoT.Keystone is an all-in-one IoT technology that requires no programming, is configurable and accessible with your mobile device using our free app, includes an advanced low power microcontroller with firmware, along with options for LoRa, 6LoWPAN and cellular radio technology to move your data from sensor to the cloud.  

The IoT.Keystone technology will be available in a small form-factor OEM module that contains built-in IoT profiles with support for all the sensors you'll need, plus access to the leading IoT cloud platforms.  And we design it to be best-in-class for power consumption, range, usability, durability and reliability.

The IoT.Keystone Innovator Board is our showcase evaluation platform for IoT.Keystone technology.  The Innovator Board hosts several popular MEMS sensors including motion (accel, gyro, mag), light, sound, temperature, pressure, humidity plus an on-board Lithium rechargable (LiPo) battery interface to support immediate deployment of your boards into any situation.

Purchase the IoT.Keystone Innovator Board from our store or send us an email to tell us how you could put our technology to work.  Let us know what you need.  We are able to accommodate customer requests.

We truly believe IoT.Keystone can form the cornerstone of IoT 2.0.  The future is now.  THIS. IS. IoT.!



Meet the THIS. IS. IoT. team!







Guido van Veldhuizen 

Co-Founder and IoT Hardware Design Lead.  Profile.






Evan Ross - co-found THIS. IS. IoT.


Evan Ross

Co-Founder and IoT Software Design  Lead.  Profile.