Announcing New Product the IoT Edge Gateway

Announcing a new product: the IoT Edge Gateway. This is a simple, little beige box that creates a long range low power IP-wireless network designed for connecting IoT devices, sensors, machines and processes across warehouses, construction yards, office towers, parking garages, cities and any place that WiFi is proven to be too power hungry, cumbersome to use, unreliable or has not enough range.

The IoT Edge Gateway plugs into any available Ethernet network port. As many Gateways as required can be plugged in and positioned to achieve the desired coverage and network capacity. The IoT Edge Gateway is easy to deploy - it requires just 5V from a USB wall adapter and needs no configuration.

The IoT Edge Gateways are designed to optimally and reliably tunnel traffic between our IoT Edge Node line of legacy-equipment IoT connection nodes and your chosen cloud platform including Microsoft Azure IoT, Amazon AWS IoT, Google Cloud and IBM Watson IoT.

In our system there is no single point of failure - unlike competing IoT wireless networks that place all connection logic, protocol translation and authentication credentials in the gateways. We offer the most secure, most robust, most reliable wireless network designed for IoT.

Visit the IoT Edge Gateway product page now and order yours today.  IoT Edge starter kits will be available soon.


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