Announcing New Product IoT Edge Node

We are pleased to introduce our IoT Edge Node. Working with our IoT-Fi wireless technology, it easily and securely connects legacy devices and equipment to the cloud.

The IoT Edge Node has an RS-232/TTL-compatible serial interface that transparently passes serial data to and from the legacy equipment and popular cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS IoT. Serial data can include arbitrary command strings or binary protocols like Modbus RTU.

The IoT Edge Node is powered by the legacy equipment so that no batteries are required. Provisioning can be done on-site with our mobile app or pre-provisioned before delivery. The IoT Edge Node communicates securely and directly to the cloud platform unlike other solutions that use protocol translators in the gateways.

IoT-Fi offers wireless coverage where WiFi is not suitable, including parking garages, concrete structures, warehouses, office buildings and industrial settings.

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